Lumber: Rustiques provides reclaimed lumber and wood materials for commercial and residential construction, decoration, home projects, furniture and other building needs. As we recycle the historic wood supports, beams, and flooring from the West Point Stevens Mill, we take special care to preserve the classic beauty of the antique wood so it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

The seasoned vintage old growth lumber we are collecting comes in a variety of shapes and cuts including plane, panel and half moon and comes from Antique Barn Boards, Barn Lumber and Reclaimed Wood Siding.

We have the proper tools onsite to mill boards to your desired dimensions, allowing you to fully incorporate the beauty of reclaimed timbers and rustic vintage wood into project.

Antique reclaimed timber, like the type used in old barn wood is often sought after in construction for its low moisture content. This provides greater to stability in exposed applications and reduces the tendency for the wood to shrink and pull apart, which often happens with newer lumber.

We are committed to giving new life to antiquated vintage wood structures by allowing them to be incorporated into modern construction. Not only does reclaimed and recycled lumber add beauty to any project it’s incorporated in, but it is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the need to cut older live trees for construction.

We provide recycled, reclaimed wood, seasoned vintage old growth lumber, antique barn beams, barn wood, vintage barn siding, reclaimed timbers, rustic vintage wood mantels, and antique wood flooring reclaimed from the de-construction of antiquated.

Please give us a call today to see what Rustiques can do for you.